IoT ERP Industry Solution – Enterox Cloud–ERP-IoT System


Enterox Cloud-ERP-IoT is a cloud based ‘ERP framework’ with many built-in business modules as solutions making business applications fast, flexible, and scalable. It provides integrated ERP with SCM and CRM supporting Internet of Things (IoT). The platform allows the development of IoT applications, custom software and mobile apps.

Enterox can also complement other platforms (such as AWS and Azure) as it can be deployed on diverse infrastructures (including private network). This allows consumers to utilize core capabilities of their environment while leveraging Enterox for simplification and rapid development.

Enterox Cloud-ERP-IoT Business Solutions
  • Enterox – ERP (Administration and Operation).

This is the Enterprise Resource Planning with integrated Information Technology (IT) and Enterprise Messaging (SMS).




  • Enterox – Supply Chain Management

This includes the business modules: Order Processing & Invoicing Software, Channel Management, Inventory Management.


Enterox SCM


Enterox – Customer Relationship Management

This includes the business modules: Marketing, Sales, Support Services, Communications / Activity Tracking. This functionality empowers customers with self-service website, mobile apps and kiosk machine for online services and sales.


Enterox CRM Functionality


  • Enterox – Management Information SystemProcess Automation (third party solution / Custom ERP Solutions).

The modules included are: Project Management, Expense Management, and Business


Enterox has an IoT Platform to deliver a completely new consumer and business experience. This is the ‘Device Gateway’ for integration with embedded computing devices via IoT protocols. This was designed for embedded applications that communicate with cloud platform for Smart Building, Smart Factory, Smart Retail Store or Warehouse Hub and similar IoT applications.




This gateway extends the Open API (Application Program Interface) of Enterox Cloud to support IoT protocols such as MQTT (Message Queue Telemetry Transport) and CoAP (Constrained Application Protocol), however the gateway also introduces an extended WebSocket protocol to support seamless bi-directional communication between devices and Enterox Cloud serving as an IoT platform. WebSocket and MQTT protocols enable Machine to Machine (M2M) and Device to Device (D2D) communication.

Below is a view of some of the industry, scale, and business solutions offered by Enterox. This view is based on the CRM and ERP functionality:


Enterox Industry-Solution-Scale



Enterox Cloud-ERP-IoT is an enterprise software that connects ERP system with website, mobile apps and kiosk machine that are designed for customers, connects enterprise application and enterprise mobile apps for employees and, enables setting up Internet of Things for Enterprise.



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