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In manufacturing, manufacturers are under pressure to change the very way products are made by capitalizing on the Internet of Things technology. These organizations can become significantly more agile, increase operational efficiency, and deliver personalized products and on-demand delivery without sacrificing quality or increasing costs.

Because improving product quality while driving down costs is a business organizations’ ultimate goal, with SAP Manufacturing Execution it is possible to:

  • Leverage seamless, out-of-the-box SAP ERP integration
  • Control the production of every single unit to boost product quality
  • Ensure regulatory compliance with unit-level traceability, genealogy, and reporting
  • Run flexible production process modeling – no programming required
  • Improve nonconformance management, from in-line sampling to visual testing and repair
  • Give operators role-specific MES access, personalized dashboards, and intuitive mobile and browser-based UIs
  • Have high flexibility and extensibility and pure SOA based architecture

The power of connected devices and processes allows business organizations to better respond to the changing nature of consumer demand. Customers now consider themselves to be a ‘market of one’, expecting specialized products customized to their needs. Manufacturers can respond by developing a ‘lot size of one’, which allows them to make customized products efficiently and cost effective on the manufacturing floor with full automation.


SAP Manufacturing Execution

Functional Capabilities
  • Product quality and production

Gain real-time visibility into your manufacturing processes to quickly pinpoint and resolve quality issues. Reduce warranty and liability risks with better production monitoring and control.

  • Throughput

Increase throughput by rapidly identifying and resolving problem areas – such as nonconforming processes, logistical issues, or material shortages.

  • Compliance

Meet complex regulatory requirements with best-in-class product traceability and reporting, genealogy (order, lot, serial #) management, and automated data collection.

  • Flexibility

Get the flexibility you need to fill custom orders and meet specific customer requirements. Adapt and shift production to meet varied and changeable demand.

  • Paperless manufacturing

Replace paper-based manufacturing processes with electronic systems that connect the top floor to the shop floor. Automate data capture to eliminate errors, gain real-time visibility into operations, and ensure consistent product quality.

  • Asset utilization

Increase your return on assets and improve overall equipment effectiveness. Facilitate predictive maintenance, minimize downtime, and keep manufacturing operations running smoothly.


Technical Capabilities
  • Order-based manufacturing execution.
  • Work in Process tracking and determine order, lot, and serial #.
  • Manufacturing process control.
  • Automated data collection.
  • Labor tracking and management.
  • Defect tracking and resolution.
  • Mobile apps for wireless bar code scanners.
  • As-built record optimization for produced products.
  • Support for HANA DB.
  • Operation Sub-Step activities.
  • Multiple Browser support.



SAP Manufacturing Execution is an execution layer that provides built-in machine intelligence and then carries this intelligence both upstream and downstream to support a manufacturer’s ability to arrive at a lot size of one.

SAP Manufacturing eases this manual burden because it receives all needed information, including production orders, bill of material, routing information, inspection characteristics, and anything else it needs to transact and complete a build record. This end to end closed loop, real time information about the state of production can help drive efficiencies in warehouse and transportation management processes, as well as continually optimize inventory levels.


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