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IoT Medical Device – Medical Device Future Vision

The medical device future vision is promising. IoT can revolutionize healthcare industry, specifically, medical devices. Medical device manufacturers are uniquely positioned to be successful in this market as they have a profound understanding of the regulatory process, critical applications, and patient risk. As medical device manufacturers, healthcare practitioners, and enthusiasts continue to embrace the benefits of technology in healthcare, it may be of interest especially … Continue reading IoT Medical Device – Medical Device Future Vision »

IoT Devices – Infrared Sensor

An infrared sensor is an electronic instrument which is used to sense certain characteristics of its surroundings by either emitting and/or detecting infrared radiation. Infrared sensors are also capable of measuring the heat being emitted by an object and detecting motion. Many of these types of sensors only measure infrared radiation, rather than emitting it, and thus are known as passive infrared (PIR) sensors. IR … Continue reading IoT Devices – Infrared Sensor »

IoT Devices – Temperature Sensor

A temperature sensor is a device which provides temperature measurement through an electrical signal. The most common types are Thermocouple, Resistance Temperature Detector (RTD) and Thermistor. These are some of the most commonly used in the internet of things.   Thermocouple A thermocouple (T/C) is made from two dissimilar metals that generate electrical voltage in direct proportion to changes in temperature. A T/C is made … Continue reading IoT Devices – Temperature Sensor »

IoT Devices – Basics of Sensors

Sensors are the eyes, ears, and skin of the Internet of Things (e.g. infrared, sound, temperature, etc.). There isn’t IoT without sensors. They are not about connecting devices. They are about improving the way of life, doing business, and the impact on the environment.   What is a sensor? A sensor is a device that detects and responds to some type of input from the … Continue reading IoT Devices – Basics of Sensors »

IoT Plataforms – Platform as a Service (PaaS) – AT&T

The fundamental appeal of Platform as a Service (e.g. PaaS – AT&T) is the opportunity for independent software vendors and IT organizations to create new software solutions with minimal capital expense and without the hassle of provisioning and configuring the underlying infrastructure. Providers selling PaaS are selling to the buyer of their platform. Some of the bigger players in this market are Microsoft Azure, AWS, AT&T, … Continue reading IoT Plataforms – Platform as a Service (PaaS) – AT&T »