HR Organizations in the Digital Economy


HR organizations in the digital economy need to transform. HR transformation is now about improving the overall people experience. This requires adopting a mindset to drive a competitive advantage where employees have different experiences in:

  • Recruiting
  • Onboarding
  • Employee Management
  • Health and Wellness

HR organizations should rethink their business processes in order to use the data generated by automated transactions to create value in the relationship with a job applicant or an employee and the business organization.

Eliminating bias in recruiting, and across the employee experience, is a proven way to assemble a successful, diverse team. Until now, tackling this challenge hasn’t been at the forefront for most HR leaders because the focus has been more on process efficiency than data intelligence.

The success of HR organizations depends on attracting, hiring, and retaining the best people. It’s increasingly clear that bringing together unique and diverse individuals results in a high-performing workforce.

Digital HR leaders must recognize two important things:

  • Value of diversity
  • Process automation cannot prevent the underlying causes behind bias, manifested by learned behaviors that lead up to show a preference for a specific school, background, gender, ethnicity or age.

That is why the embrace of technology in accordance with a digital HR transformation is so important; technology is impartial. Infusing machine learning into detecting bias in job specifications, for example, can strengthen assessments overtimes as the solution begins to learn, detect and counteract new biases as they surface.


HR Organizations in the Digital Economy


Sustainable HR

In the era of digital business, organizations are recognizing the importance of digital HR and of leveraging highly flexible teams. They are moving fast and disrupting their existing HR delivery models to adapt to the broader disruption underway on a global scale as a hyperconnected, data-driven economy takes shape.

Embracing a sustainable HR mindset helps provide organizations with a culture that can continue to adapt to unforeseen disruption. Sustainable HR is an ongoing process that requires the constant cultivation of ideas, perspectives, and capabilities.

Sustainable HR calls for tools that profoundly improve productivity, providing users with relevant, meaningful answers based on their roles or user-specific issues. It is sustainable because it doesn’t force human needs into one specific form or function. It is fluid, flexible, and focused on value.

Sustainable HR brings cloud, mobile, and other technologies together in an intelligent platform that can support engagement and innovation – a platform or ecosystem that, in many ways, is like a member of the team. It’s sustainable because it can adapt, think, and take actions, not just put information and insights at employees’ fingertips.


HR in the Digital Economy - Sustainable HR




Technology that includes machine learning and artificial intelligence can help HR organizations create differentiated and smart people experiences that employees are familiar with in their personal lives. To be a leader in the digital HR transformation means to deliver a personal, end to end candidate and employee hire to retire experience.

Sustainable HR will take on an increasingly central role as digital business needs force organizations to evolve rapidly. Embracing sustainable HR now can help organizations to take the lead on enterprise innovation, build the workforce of the future to attract top talent, and avoid playing catch up during the next wave disruption.



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