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The fundamental appeal of Platform as a Service (e.g. PaaS – AT&T) is the opportunity for independent software vendors and IT organizations to create new software solutions with minimal capital expense and without the hassle of provisioning and configuring the underlying infrastructure.

Providers selling PaaS are selling to the buyer of their platform. Some of the bigger players in this market are Microsoft Azure, AWS, AT&T, and IBM. In this post I will talk about AT&T M2X.

What is AT&T M2X?

AT&T’s M2X is a cloud-based data storage service and device management toolset customized for the Internet of Things. This platform was built to handle the rigorous demands of large scale industrial applications. Its goal is to free developers from thinking about complex network protocols so that they can focus on rapidly building Machine to Machine (M2M) applications.


AT&T M2X Flow


The components of the platform are:

  • Device Management


Add devices, collect sensors data via streams of numeric or non-numeric time-series data, and test event based notifications triggered by pre-defined conditions before distributing.


Create and organize devices into nested groups and classify them with Tags.

         Go to Market Organize

Scale from a single device to millions with the click of a button using the Distribution list functionality.

  • Time Series Data

         Device Data Streams

Collect and visualize time-series sensors or application data with streams of numeric or non-numeric time-series data.

         API Key Management

Manage access to device streams data using API Keys, which provide POST, GET, PUT, DELETE level controls.

         M2X Context

Utilize sophisticated permissions based data management and routing tools to keep your data secure

  • Triggers

         Event Triggers

Set device triggers to send an alert when specific event occurs (e.g. a change in temperature or a drop in volume).

         Trigger Log

Monitor device stream Trigger activity and on/off states.

  • Dashboards


Visualize device Stream, Trigger and Location data with Dashboards.


Customize and add new Widgets1 to Dashboards and embed them in third party applications using simple auto-generated code.

  • Restful API

         Example Queries

Start pushing data to your devices from day one. The Cheatsheet provides inline cURL commands that are specific to your device.

         Great Documentation

Take your development a step further with powerful tools outlined in simple API Documentation.

         Public Devices

Make your device data available via public API endpoints for others to consume, mashup, or build on top of.

In summary, devices are added to the IoT platform, then they are launched and distributed and, lastly they are monitored.


AT&T M2X Concept



PaaS provides a common infrastructure to obtain value from industrial hardware / systems topologies and enable uniform communications, security, analytics, and management layers for heterogeneous IoT hardware / systems topologies.

1 – It’s a small application with limited functionality that can be installed and executed within a web page.


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