IoT Agriculture: Agriculture-Farming Vendors Solutions


This post will explain what are some of the Internet of Things Agriculture-Farming vendors solutions used for agriculture / farming.

Smart farm technology exposes farmers to a wealth of new possibilities that could increase their production. The information available to them through wireless sensors could contain data on livestock, crops, soil, environmental conditions, machinery and many more factors.

These elements constitute very critical components of production in every farm. A better understanding of this information puts this farmer at an advantage compared to a farmer without this technology.


Agriculture-Farming vendors solutions - IoT Farming Technology


Vendor 1 – Kaa IoT

Kaa is a multi-purpose middleware platform for the Internet of Things that allows building complete end-to-end IoT solutions, connected applications, and smart products. The Kaa platform provides an open, feature-rich toolkit for the IoT product development and thus dramatically reduces associated cost, risks, and time-to-market.

Solution for Smart Farming

The Kaa open-source IoT Platform is a crucial middleware technology that allows walking safely into the agriculture IoT field. By tying together different sensors, connected devices, and farming facilities, Kaa streamlines the development of smart farming systems to the maximum degree possible. Kaa is perfectly applicable for single-purpose smart farming products – such as smart metering devices, livestock trackers, or failure prediction systems – as well as for multi-device solutions, among which are resource mapping and farming produce analytics solutions.


Vendor 2 – ThingWorkx

 ThingWorx was purpose-built from the ground up for the Internet of Things. It contains the most complete set of integrated IoT-specific development tools and capabilities available, offering the industry’s deepest functional capabilities.  ThingWorx makes it easy to develop and deliver powerful Enterprise IoT solutions that deliver transformative business value.

Smart Agriculture

ThingWorx delivers the security and scalability to handle millions of daily transactions. It can deliver powerful, new smart agriculture IoT solutions in a fraction of the time of other approaches.

The ThingWorx IoT Platform can help to:

  • Easily collect and manage the explosion of data from sensors, cloud services such as weather or maps, connected equipment and existing systems.
  • Quickly build and bring to market new innovative IoT applications at 10 times the speed of other approaches with a rapid application development environment and drag and drop mashup builder.
  • Leverage big data and analytics to provide new insights and recommendations to aid in better decision-making.
  • Enable farmers to easily visualize data and take action on insights and recommendations.


Vendor 3 –

Thingsboard is an open-source IoT platform for data collection, processing, visualization, and device management. It enables device connectivity via industry standard IoT protocols and supports both cloud and on-premise deployments. Additionally, it combines scalability, fault-tolerance and performance so data will never be lost.

Smart farming and smart agriculture solutions

 Thingsboard platform provides out-of-the-box components and APIs to dramatically reduce time to market and effort to develop smart farming solutions and projects. The platform is device-agnostic. This solution can feed and analyze the data from any sensor, connected device or application. Save up to 90% of development time for your smart farming project by utilizing following benefits:

  • Reliable and fault-tolerant data collection from your IoT devices and sensors to monitor facilities state, crop growth characteristics, humidity level, etc.
  • Advanced and flexible data visualization for real-time and historical monitoring of future farms
  • Customizable end-user dashboards to share farm monitoring results;
  • Integration with third-party analytics frameworks and solutions for advanced analytics and machine learning
  • Optimize returns on inputs while preserving resources by remotely configuring IoT devices based on results of the analytics
  • The platform provides production ready server infrastructure to connect your IoT devices, store and analyze collected IoT data, optimizing returns on inputs and resources.


Agriculture-Farming vendors solutions - IoT Enable Smart Farming



Farmers are taking advantage of technology and controlling their farms regardless of their geographical location from the farm. Smart farm technology has reduced distance challenges, helped to increase productivity and allows farmers the ability to collaborate and make better farming decisions.


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