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What is IBM Watson IoT? It is an IoT Platform easy-to-use, secure and scalable. Designed to simplify cognitive IoT development so companies can harness the full potential of the Internet of Things.


Players Performance

Using sensors combined with advance analytics, coaches now know if a player took a wrong step and needs to rest their ankle, or, if they suffered an injury in a collision. These technological advances are making sports safer for professional athletes and will soon provide the same support to amateur athletes.

Watson IoT in sports enhances performance on and off the playing field and builds competitive advantage with IoT data. This platform helps to:

  • Put performance, biometrics and weather insights into athletes’ and coaches’ hand’s in real time.
  • Empower athletes with real time feedback using connected devices.
  • Gain instant visibility into athletes’ fitness training and performance

The IoT is delving deeper and revolutionizing the way you interact with sports. Athletes can not only track their own progress with IBM Watson IoT but compare themselves to other athletes, gain access to knowledge and expertise and learn how to recover effectively between training sessions.


IBM Watson IoT - IoT Sport Player Performance


Sport Teams

The IoT solution allows coaches and team staff to monitor player information such as motion, heart rate, and other useful health and performance metrics from sensor-equipped vests worn by players. This information, combined with player location and environmental data, is sent to a secure cloud-based analytics platform providing critical insights back to team staff via a dashboard

Watson IoT in Sports, help sports teams understand and manage your team like never before, win more often and optimize ROI. The approach to it is:

  • Create player assessments that automatically quantify team dynamics.
  • View, organize and uncover relevant insight to measure and elevate individual and team performance.
  • Automate evaluations of current rosters and potential player changes.


IBM Watson IoT - IoT Sports Team Performance


Fans Experience

IoT is also revolutionizing how sports fans interact with their favorite teams. Fans can now interact with the event as they better understand the stats in context. Watching sports will be a more comprehensive experience. Additionally, fans will be able to compare their own sports abilities to those of their favorite professional athletes.

Watson IoT in Sports creates ultimate fan experiences providing immersive, interactive experiences that turn fans into loyal customers. These experiences include:

  • Create 360-degree view of the sports consumers as they interact with the fan content and the one from the third party.
  • Integrate structured and unstructured data to create personalized visitors experience that measure, drive and reward engagement
  • Enable success for the athlete’s team. Gain deeper insight into fan preference and behaviors to effectively target customers and increase ROI.


IBM Watson IoT - IoT Sports Fan Experience



The sports industry is leading the way on using apps to enhance customers’ experiences, something other industries such as the restaurant or conference sectors can learn from.

IBM Watson in Sports run the venues more efficiently to drive bottom-line profit and top-line revenue. How?

  • Make venues more productive, safe and supportive of the enterprise mission
  • Meet the intensity of fan’s demands with prevalent connectivity in and around the venue
  • Align facilities to business outcomes with optimized assets performance and reduce operational risk.


IBM Watson - IoT Sports Venue Functionality



IBM Watson IoT is delving deeper and revolutionizing the way people interact with sports. Athletes, sports fans and venues alike are seeking the benefits of connected technologies.

Wearable devices, embedded sensors, and smart athletic gear are all pieces of the future of sports. Access to a wealth of information that is digestible, relevant, and real time will transform how athletes train and perform.

Smart stadiums and sporting arenas will enhance the experience of in-person and out of the venue fans making them feel closer to the action through the use of connected devices.


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