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The IoT Integrator ThingWorx background view: developers, organizations, and end-users alike will encounter challenges when it comes to integrating new IoT-enabled technologies and solutions into day-to-day life.

The road to IoT success is an unpaved one due to:

  • Lack of IoT knowledge and skills amongst decision makers and business users
  • Disparate technology frameworks
  • Poor coordination across business efforts
  • Unprecedented influx of new data


Know the IoT Integrator ThingWorx

The ThingWorx Technology Platform was built from the ground up for the Internet of Things. It contains the most complete set of integrated IoT-specific development tools and capabilities available, offering the industry’s deepest functional capabilities.

ThingWorx makes it easy to develop and deliver powerful IoT solutions that deliver transformative business value. Specifically designed for innovators looking to quickly deliver to market enterprise-ready IoT solutions, ThingWorx is supported by the most powerful IoT-focused ecosystem in the market and the industry’s only IoT Marketplace for off-the-shelf extensions.


IoT Integrator ThingWorx - Platform Foundation


Smart–Connected Products

With smart connected products, manufacturers can now track, manage and control product information at any phase of its lifecycle, anytime, anywhere. To excel in this new smart, connected world, businesses across industries must:

  • Establish the return on investment. ROI is multidimensional; businesses need to consider cost, customer satisfaction, brand differentiation, data collection, and of course, revenue. When establishing a business case for IoT, executives and managers need to see real-world customer results and a set of key metrics to understand the return they should expect on their IoT investment.
  • Adapt their processes and models across the product lifecycle, from product design to sourcing, production, sales, and service. This requires the adoption of systems that support remote product monitoring, operation, and optimization.
  • Securely collect and respond to data from customers, suppliers, and now the products themselves. Ultimately, this increased data will require the development of advanced analytic capabilities.


Medical Device Manufacturer

ThingWorx provides medical device manufacturers with an IoT solution to support the transition to “accountable care,” contend with growing competition for service business, provide new home care solutions and ensure compliance with strict regulatory requirements.


Strategic IoT Solutions for Medical Device Manufacturers

Connectivity and new product capabilities introduce tremendous advantages such as remote monitoring for prevention and maintenance of patient conditions (e.g. glucose monitoring for diabetes), new efficiencies in hospital operations and procedures, and reduced costs to maintain and support medical equipment, as well as increased equipment uptime.

Leading medical device manufacturers are quickly taking advantage of IoT to support the transition to “accountable care”, contend with growing competition for service business, provide new home care solutions, and ensure compliance with strict regulatory requirements.

With the right strategy, Medical Device manufacturers can capitalize on these opportunities to capture real economic value. In the end, it’s about making the right strategic choices, selecting the right partners, and quickly delivering to market the right capabilities to create and sustain your leadership.


Benefits of the Medical Device Solution

ThingWorx solutions for medical device manufacturers can help to:

  • Grow service margins by reducing the number of field-service deployments and increasing first-time-fix rates with remote access, diagnosis and repair
  • Reduce the cost of care by leveraging predictive maintenance and enabling pay-per-usage
  • Deliver “home-care” offerings that provide real-time information and alerts to physicians and patients wherever they are
  • Differentiate your products, and improve hospital productivity and patient outcomes with complementary web and mobile apps.


IoT Integrator ThingWorx - Medical Device



The Internet of Things and Smart Connected Products are transforming the medical device industry and enabling manufacturers to contend with the challenges of today’s rapidly changing business climate.



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