IoT Connectivity – Choosing The Right Network


The predicted large scale growth of IoT devices and applications will create major challenges for the IoT ecosystem. One major challenge that the ecosystem must overcome in choosing the right network are:

  • Local issues within the network, such as overcrowding.
  • Capacity and performance problems within the core network, such as signaling storms, which result in wide area disruption.
  • Degradation of IoT service performance, potentially resulting in delayed communications, degradation of the service quality and even complete service outages.

Three areas of the IoT that will impact the network are:

  • Security
  • Network Agility
  • Data Analytics

Hyper-connectivity will threaten the individual in more ways. We need to think about how to protect against inevitable threats to the different IoT Solutions: Smart Cities, Smart Grid, Smart Home, etc. For example: cars will be able to drive themselves, controlled by applications. Having your networked garage recognize whether or not your car is in the garage is useful, but it also creates opportunity for hackers.

Businesses and homes will become increasingly targeted and hackable. It’s important that the networking industry works now to ensure security within these networks of tomorrow.


IoT Security Network


Data Analytics

Accumulated data is useless if cannot be analyzed. The increasing number of sensors is creating immense amounts of data that needs to be processed. For example, medical device manufacturers need to be able to track real time data from the different devices connected in different hospitals. That data needs to be analyzed to identify malfunctions and provide immediate support or let the hospitals know when certain machines are out of warranty, etc.

It is important to analyze what will be the amount of data moving externally (from the data analytics systems to the customer’s devices) and internally (from the data analytics systems to the company’s manufacturing machines) to determine what is the right network infrastructure responsible for managing the traffic of data between the different end to end points.


IoT Data Analytics


Agile networking

Based on the future IoT security and data analytics needed by customers and companies, networking companies are partnering with these entities to develop more agile in-house and cloud based network systems. These new systems are focusing on the speed required to manage the traffic of data between the increasing number of sensors and information systems required in the different IoT solutions, industries and ecosystems.


IoT Agile Networks



Faster and agile networks will be created as individual, customer and companies are developing new IoT solutions. We are just at the beginning of a bigger transformation of the IT industry (hardware, software, semiconductors, internet, etc.).


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